If you’re looking for the perfect touch of elegance that screams exactly what you want and how you want it then custom mirrors should be your go-to décor.


Custom mirrors not only add a creative touch to your home décor, they can also be used in a number of ways such as;


  • They Instantly enlarge any room
  • They can Improve natural lighting
  • They can upgrade your bathroom vanities 
  • And mirror closet door among other applications


Another great thing to note is that custom mirrors can be customized into different edge options such as;


  • Beveled edge


This is preferred when you’re going for a look that shows the mirror as the focal point of the room and the result of this customized mirror is a thicker middle with thin edges.


  • Polished edges


If you want the edge of your mirror to be visible in a shiny but smooth finish, this option can be perfect for you. It is a very minimal but elegant style to go with.


  • Sanded edges


This is perfect if you want the edges not to be visible. You can choose this option to create framing windows or if the mirror is to be framed. It is sometimes referred to as seamed edges.

When it comes to mirror installation, you need to identify the sturdiest location in your wall to hang your mirror and figure out the weight of your mirror which helps determine the size of screws to purchase.

After that you can hang your mirror and make sure that you place extra support at the bottom of the mirror.

So, if you’re interested in mirror services or you need mirror replacement in Corona and 15mile radius, Riverside and Orange County, contact All Pro Glass and Screen. We create exquisite mirror designs that are crafted from high-quality glass and materials and we offer perfect custom patterns that can be a great fit for your home or office.