Whether you’re doing a complete renovation for your bathroom or you’re just updating your current shower space, the type of shower door you go for influences your bathroom style.


Here are a few tips to help you choose the right shower door for your bathroom.


  • Take the measurements of your shower space


Measure carefully your shower opening, taking into account both the width measurements and the height measurements.


You can take the width measurement of your shower space in 3 spots that are top, bottom and middle, the widest measurement should inform your shower door width.


The height measurements should be taken based on the height of your shower head, also considering the tallest person in the house and it should be taken from top to bottom.


  • Pick a style; sliding or swinging installations


Sliding and swinging shower doors are the two main shower door installations available. Sliding doors are the best options for small bathrooms while the swinging doors fit best with the big bathrooms.


  • Glass texture preference


Glass adds to the design of your style. Patterned or frosted glass offer privacy and are easy to maintain while clear glass is preferred because of their sleek look.


  • Finally, framed or frameless shower doors


Many homes have framed-style shower doors because of their affordability. But the frameless shower doors are more contemporary and are widely becoming popular due to their elegant look.

They allow one to showcase the beautiful stonework and hardware situation going on in the shower.


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