This Is Why You Should Install A Frameless Shower Door

Are you looking for a beautiful shower door? Have you considered a frameless one?

Frameless shower doors, as opposed to traditional framed shower doors, offer many advantages.

  1. They have a clean and sleek appearance
    Frameless shower doors are known for their sleek, clean appearance.
    A frameless shower door is made of one continuous piece of glass, with no frames or hardware to obstruct the view.
    The door glides right along the side of the shower in a track, so it is easy to install and looks great when in use.
  2. They blend in well with contemporary bathrooms
    Many people argue that frameless shower doors look much classier than framed units.
    Framed units can be dated-looking, and they often distract from your bathroom decor instead of enhancing it.
    Frameless shower doors blend in beautifully with contemporary bathrooms; you’ll never again have to worry about clashing styles between your bathroom mirror or sink and your showers’ door!
  3. They offer better versatility
    Frameless shower doors offer more versatility than framed units. Because there are no bulky frames to obstruct your view, frameless shower doors can open in either direction.
    You can choose whether you want your door to swing in or out when determining where to install the track, giving you the freedom to control how much privacy and light enter your shower space.
  4. You get to choose from different designs and styles
    Frameless glass shower doors come in a variety of styles. They allow for simple designs that blend with bathroom decor or support more ornate patterns for bathrooms designed with elegant fixtures and luxurious accents.
    Some even have special features such as fogless, tempered glass for an extra layer of security against breakage or damage, built-in shelves, etc.
    On the other hand, framed units tend to look less sophisticated than their frameless counterparts.
  5. They are low-maintenance
    Another advantage of using frameless shower doors is that they only require a small amount of maintenance.
    Traditional framed shower doors tend to get a lot of water on them, leading to build-up and the spread of mold and mildew.
    Every time you open the door, lots of moisture is pushed back into your bathroom’s space from the shower itself.
    This can be particularly frustrating if it contains sensitive flooring or carpeting that may get destroyed by excess moisture.
    Frameless glass doors absorb little to no moisture, so they don’t pose this problem!

All of these features combined into a single shower door make frameless shower doors the way to go if you’re looking for something sleek and stylish.

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